Worship: Oct. 29th

Weekly Word: Feb. 27 – March 6, Storms

Luke 8:22-26 & Romans 15:4


Don’t be surprised when without warning life becomes difficult. The enemy will do all in his power to discourage you! No doubt trying to get you to stop pursuing the direction God has for your life.

Many times in our lives God gives us direction through His word, or the Holy Spirit will prompt us a certain way. Strangely enough, sometimes when we follow the Lord’s voice the winds of adversity blow up a fierce whirlwind in front of us. Anything to distract us from God, to sidetrack us or keep us from moving ahead, making us want to give up. Sometimes it seems like the Lord is silent during these storms, even when we’ve poured out in prayer with all we have.

So what should we do? I believe wisdom says don’t give up, stay on course! Whatever the last direction God gives us, stick to that staying persistent and steadfast. Don’t allow what seems to be silence stray your path. Ultimately with faith and patience, Jesus will always come through!

~ Pastor Turner