Weekly Word: February 20th, Prayer

February 20th,

Prayer Changes Everything

This week’s Prayer Changes Everything describes three aspects of prayer taken from a story in Luke. Lets take a look at Luke chapter eleven, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. So Jesus taught them to pattern their prayer after what we call “The Lord’s Prayer.” He gave the disciples an example they could understand. This instance was about a neighbor needing bread around midnight because of an unexpected guest.

The Lesson learned is this;
* Pray for something specific – in this case bread
* Have confidence in the request – knocked at midnight
* Be persistent – kept knocking

We serve a gracious, great, caring, merciful God! And once we know His will we are able to ask Him specifically for what we need. Then, have the confidence He will answer, if we continue to be persistent not giving up before the answer comes.

God answers prayer through Jesus Christ!

Pastor Turner