Weekly Word: Dec 2, 2019

For the one who has everything

~ Matt. 2:11 They presented Him with gold, Frankincense, and myrrh.

It’s Christmas time and we celebrate Jesus Birthday. But what can we give to the one who has everything? The wise men probably asked the same question. As scholars they were astute enough to navigate thousands of miles guided by a star. Also, they were influential enough to warrant an audience with King Herod, and rich enough to undertake the long journey carrying expensive gifts. Furthermore, besides the gold, incense, & myrhh, they gave Jesus some gifts that were priceless. Here’s what they gave;

  1. Their Time – long before His birth they invested year’s into research and preparation.
  2. Their Worship – once they found Him, the fell down and worshipped Him (Matt. 2:11)
  3.  Their Hope – while those around saw only darkness these men recognized the light that shines into darkness.

Therefore, in the midst of your family celebrations, take time to be with Jesus; after all it’s His birthday!\

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Nov 25, 2019

Give thanks, in everything give thanks ~ 1 Thes. 5:17

The bible has a lot to say about being thankful. This mindset needs to be developed, one of gratefulness. Consequently we live in a world where there is a lot of negativity. It is constantly pulling us away, telling us we deserve more; look at so & so – they have more than you. Unfortunately this causes us to lose contentment and sense of gratefulness, creating anxiety and stress.

Let’s take a moment to be thankful and reflect on our blessings! Ps. 103:1-2 “Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” The word thankful could also be interpreted as being thoughtful. Let’s start thinking about His goodness; He never leaves us – He forgives our sins – He gives us a clear conscious – Brings Godly people into our lives – Provides everything we’ll need, and so on! This is what you need to do, remember His blessings. Therefore, as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, remember our Lord – He is so GOOD & He LOVES you!

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Nov. 18, 2019

Giving and Receiving

And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of Jesus ~ Col. 3:17

How do you give with Joy, when you’ve been giving to the same church for years? There’s only one way… You must give as unto the Lord. That means you don’t give to that church, you give through that church to the Lord. If you keep Jesus clearly in view as you give, you will always experience joy.

Expect to receive, most of us have been taught that. However, some have a hard time coming to terms with it. But it’s clearly the teaching of the bible. Listen, God is able to make it up to you by giving you everything you need and more. Therefore, that will not only be enough for your own needs, but plenty left over to give joyfully to others. By doing this, you live a lifestyle of sowing and reaping.

The bible says that  God supplies seed to the sower in 2 Corinthians. Are you a sower? When you answer yes to this question, you can expect to live and walk in the blessing of God’s provision.

~ Pastor Turner


Weekly Word: Nov. 11, 2019

Until Christ be formed in You ~ Galatians 4:19

The way Pearls are made is fascinating. The oster takes the grain of sand that causes the irritation & pain, and wraps it in layer after layer of “mother of pearl.” Instead of trying to escape the pain, it works with it until a pearl is produced. The worthless piece of sand is now a precious stone that has great value.

So what’s been irritating you lately? What about the problem you asked God to take away but He hasn’t? God has given you an opportunity to take that thing and cover it with a layer of grace, a layer patience, a layer of faith, and a layer of compassion. It takes years for a grain of sand to become a pearl. Unfortunately, the work God is doing in you will not be accomplished over night.

Paul promised the Christians in Galatia that he would pray until “Christ be formed in you.” That is it! God’s goal for us is to have the world look at us and see the character of Christ. The pearl of great price. What a high calling!

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Nov. 4, 2019

And let the Peace of God Rule in your Hearts ~ Col. 3:5

Have you noticed that when your in doubt, your easily swayed by the opinions of others. The circumstances around you & the fears the devil will bring to your mind can impact your actions. Indecision can be deadly. Someone has sad, “the most dangerous place to be is in the middle of the road.

The challenge for us today is to be decisive. Most of the time we don’t have all the facts available about any given situation. However, we usually do have all the facts we need to make a decision. This is when we need to rely on what God said to Paul, “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.” The greek word for rule means umpire. We need to umpire to call the close ones.

Listen to what God said to Joshua when he told him to take the Israelites into the promised land in just 3 days. “Have I not commanded thee? Be not afraid, neither be dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 The Lord is speaking those same words to you today so listen, and let His peace be your guide.

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Oct. 28, 2019

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Have you been absorbed with the very things that Jesus told you not to? Things like not having enough to eat, or having clothes to wear, or having a home to live in. Your heavenly father knows exactly what you need, and He has promised that if you put His kingdom first, all these things will be added unto you.

But listen to Hebrews 11:3, “Through faith we understand.” “Without faith it is impossible to please Him,” Heb. 11:6. Then again in Heb. 11:33 it says, “who through faith, subdued kingdoms.” If language means anything, then these verses mean that God didn’t just give us faith for temporal things. He gave it to us to first obtain understanding, then to please Him, then subdue kingdoms. Fortunately when we place the needs of God’s Kingdom first, He makes sure we have everything we need.

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Oct. 21 2019

We’ll Get Through This!

In all these things we are more than conquerors ~ Romans 8:37

Have you heard the story of the old farmer who’s mule fell into a well? Since there was no way to get him out the farmer decided to bury him there. But the mule had a different idea. Initially when the shovels of dirt began landing on him the mule became hysterical. Then this thought came; just shake it off and step on it. So that’s what the mule begin to do. Hours after the dirt kept falling on him, he kept at it, shaking it off and stepping on it. No matter how much dirt they threw on him, the mule determined not to stay under it. Finally, he stepped out of the well triumphantly.

Life will either bless you or bury you; the difference lies in have the right attitude. When they throw the dirt on you, and they will, just shake it off and step on it. Use it as fertilizer and grow stronger. What’s important is not what other people say about you, it’s what you’re saying about yourself.

In Luke 17:1 after they get done talking Jesus says offence will come, so expect it. People will take without giving back. They’ll criticize you for simply rising above your beginnings. When you decide to seize the moment and move ahead, you’ll leave others behind.

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Oct 14, 2019

Before and After

But you shall have power, after the Holy Spirit is come upon you ~ Acts 1:8

The best argument for the spirit filled life is those who live it. No illustration is more powerful than the life of Peter. Before Pentecost, he denied the Lord in weakness. After Pentecost, he faced a crowd with boldness and proclaimed that Jesus is Lord. That day, 3,000 were born into God’s family. That’s the power of the Holy Spirit.

Before Pentecost, Jesus gave Peter one of the harshest rebukes in the word of God, “get behind me Satan for you care more about the affairs of men than the things of God.” Peter was opinionated, critical, and often spoke without thinking. But what a difference we find in Peter after Pentecost! Now he is filled, broken, and channeled. It’s Peter 2.0, the new Spirit filled model, and he’s the example of what God wants to do today.

So let’s get into God’s presence today and ask Him to fill you again with His Spirit!

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Oct 7, 2019

James 1:23 ~ Let’s act on what we hear

Charles Spurgeon said that for every ten men who would die for the bible, he could only find one who would read it. I doubt much has changed! You’ll find ten people who’ll fight for prayer in public schools, to every one that prays for their children at home. Sadly, for every ten men & women who complain about sex and violence on tv, and find only one who refuses to watch it. This must change! Power to be salt and light in this world doesn’t depend on what we applaud, but what we apply.

Unfortunately, you can go to church enjoy great preaching and a service, yet leave and do nothing about it. God help us get our doctrine off the shelf and into daily practice, that people will be drawn to Jesus. It’s time to start acting on what we hear.

~ Pastor Turner

Weekly Word: Sept 30, 2019

Matt. 18:2 ~ Except you become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “Become as little children?” He meant a child is teachable! If you’re teachable, you’re reachable. If you are hungry for God’s word, you have a future. A child is dependent! Jesus said in John 15:5, without me you can do nothing. The truth is you couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning without him, right.

Furthermore, notice also children are trusting! It never occurs to them to wonder if their needs will be met. They’ve learned to trust. Sadly, it’s only after we have exhausted our own efforts that we turn in desperation to God. Someone said, “if we use God as a first resort, we wouldn’t have to use Him as a last resort!”

~ Pastor Turner