Monthly Word: Oct. 2020

Staying on Course

James 1:3 ~ The testing of your faith produces endurance

Endurance means staying on course, but endurance is only a word until we deal with a strife torn marriage, or financial crisis, etc. It takes commitment to keep on going when discouragement whispers “give up” and doubt says “it can’t be done.” As a result, endurance takes on a new meaning and becomes your anchor in the storm, your compass in times of confusion, and musters up faith that get’s you up the next hill!

As we are living in troubled times, our nation is so divided right now and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. Consequently, Covid-19 is still taking a toll on our health and economy and frankly our freedom to make our own choices. Thereby doubt and fear whisper again in our ears to just give up. However remember God knows how to get us through any trial and gives us two great promises;
1. His comforting presence – Isaiah 43:2-5
2.  The assurance that He won’t permit more pressure than we can handle – 1 Cor. 10:13

Furthermore, there’s another reason to stay the course, being that people are watching us. They see us staying at our post, working hard, keeping the faith, sharing the faith, and continuing to worship together. We are staying the course because He is faithful, the one in who we put our trust.

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: September 7, 2020

Discovering life’s Purpose

1 Peter 4:11 ~  If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

If you watch people who are fulfilling their life’s assignment, their motivation is high. They have amazing endurance to overcome obstacles. They are growing and learning. There’s real joy in what they do! To miss out on your life’s assignment is to miss out on the way God made you. Whether your job is in the church or business, you are gifted and called by God. Here are some questions to help you find your life’s calling.

  1. What’s the raw material? God has given you certain temperaments and talents, you have to honor your raw material.
  2. What unlocks your compassion? There’s a big difference in doing what God’s called you to do or doing what others want you to do. Knowing what your called to do often starts with discovering what you’re not called to do. When you accept your limitations, your on the road to understanding your life’s assignment.

Therefore let’s be clear; you have an assignment. It’s to do what God’s wired you to do. You must seek it with an open mind. When we pretend to be something w are not, we live with a chronic sense of inadequacy, consequently setting up a life time of frustration.

Your life’s assignment is something you discover, not something you choose!

Monthly Word: August

Get up and fight the good fight of Faith ~ 1 Tim. 6:12

Some of us are strong in faith but weak in fight. Without fight, Caleb would never have gotten his inheritance. Listen to Joshua 14:12, “Now therefore give me this mountain… if so be the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out.”

To subdue Goliath, David had to fight. David said to the Philistines in 1 Sam. 17:47 “And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord‘s, and he will give you into our hands.” Did you hear that? All shall know the battle is the Lords! The world and church want to know if the God we talk about is bigger than any giant they face. Their weapons don’t work, and they wonder if ours do.

Consequently, it’s a lot easier to admire Jesus than to follow Him. The moment you really try to follow Jesus, you’re in the fight of your life; in the work place, community, home, and anywhere else you happen to be. However, remember it’s the battles that produce victories. Believe me, God has planned out your victory! Therefore, the bigger your battle, the greater your victory will be!

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: July 2020

And Jesus said unto Him, “Friend” ~ Matt. 26:50

God’s purposes in your life are tied to relationships and not always enjoyable ones. Nevertheless, God can turn your rejection into direction. Sometimes He opens doors, other times He closes them. Personally, I am grateful for the doors He closed, for if I had walked through them, I would’ve been destroyed. However, that does not mean people can just walk in and destroy God’s plans for your life. Their access to your future is limited by a shield of His divine purposes and protection. What a comfort! God can still hang Haman on the gallows He built for you (Esther 7:10) Paul said in 2 Cor. 11:26 the purposes of God for Him included, “false brethren.”

As you look back, you realize it was persecution that taught you perseverance. In as much, rejection that taught you forgiveness. It produces Christian character! It’s much easier to forgive the actions of men when you understand the purposes of God. Accordingly, let’s keep going even when we want to give up! Knowing God is working His purposes in us and through us. Even Judas kissed Jesus and called Him friend. As a result, that act of betrayal led Jesus to the cross, which was God’s will for the salvation of the world. Peter even tried to stop Jesus from going to the cross. Still, as we look back we can see God used the evil actions of Judas to produce His perfect will!

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: June 1, 2020

What did I miss about church?

First of all, I miss is Christ centered worship together. The celebration of God for who He is, and what He has done for us! Accordingly, we place high priority on praising God. Second, is quality bible instruction. We believe to honor and teach the word of God in such a way that’s practical for people to understand how it applies to our lives. Remember, we can’t grow beyond what we know.

Additionally, I really miss the fellowship! The sharing of the life of Christ among our members. This goes far beyond Sunday morning service. Fellowship occurs when we are included in each other’s lives; caring, encouraging, correcting, loving and engaging with one another. Our church provides us with a sense of belonging, meaning, and outreach. Therefore, we look forward to providing opportunities for others to use their God given gifts to bless and reach out to our community. Furthermore, as we begin to re-open let’s saturate the atmosphere with grace charged with faith, and reach our world. Don’t ask what the church can do for you, ask what can I do for the church?

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: May 18, 2020

What time is it?

All of us must quickly carry out the task assigned to us… For there is little time left before night falls, and all work comes to an end. John 9:4 (TLB)

When you’re a child, time is endless. However, as we grow older it begins to fly by. In later years, time is a gift to be used wisely!

When Jesus was 33yrs old, He said in John 17:4 “I have finished the work You gave me to do.” At the age of 70, Paul the apostle said, “I have fought a good fight, I’ve finished my course.” (2 Tim. 4:7)

Let me ask you a question: Have you found the will of God for your life yet? There is not a more important question. If you want to know what His will is, ask Him & wait in His presence. I promise you, He will reveal it to you according to James 1:5. The next question is, are you doing the will of God? During this time of staying home, what a great opportunity we have to ask Him what we can do that can make a difference. There will be souls in heaven because you prayed, witnessed, and gave so people could hear the gospel.

When life is over, will we be able to say, I’ve finished the work you gave me to do? I hope so, it will be a rewarding moment when we finally see Jesus!

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: May 11, 2020

Robbing God

“Will a man rob God? Surely not! And yet you have robbed me, what do you mean? When did we ever rob you? You have robbed me in tithes and offerings due to me.” Malachi 3:8-9

Reading these verses seems harsh, but it really isn’t. It’s simply what God has required and He is reminding His people who knew the requirements but ignored them. If He already owns everything, how could I be robbing Him one might ask?

First, you’re robbing Him of the joy of blessing you. God says He wants to open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing so great you don’t have room to receive it ~ Mal. 3:10. As a father I’m thrilled when my children are blessed, don’t rob God of that joy!

Next, you’re robbing Him of having first place in your life. Often we don’t tithe because we have nothing left over. How dishonoring to the Lord! He doesn’t want our left overs, He wants our first fruit. Listen to what Proverbs 3:9 says, ” Honor the Lord by giving Him the first part of all your income.”

Finally, your robbing Him of having resources in His house ~ Mal. 3:10. God doesn’t need our resources people do. In the old testament, believers gave over 25% of their income to the work of God and the widows, orphans, and those in need were well cared for.

This is a challenging portion of scripture in the days we live in. You really don’t know what you believe until your faith in that area is tested. So I can say trust the Lord practice doing what He says by putting Him first in all you do. Then, watch how He will open the windows of Heaven (giving you new and different streams of income) and we will give Him all the glory!

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: April 27, 2020

Proving God Faithful in Hard Times

1 Tim. 6:17-18  Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share,

As a believer, everything we have God gave us, and made us a steward over. It’s easy to think we are self-made. Enjoy the many blessings God has given you, but don’t trust in anything but HIM. It could be all gone in a day. Elijah discovered that when the brook dried up, God was still His source (1 Kings 17). The most important thing you’ve got is your relationship with Him. Consequently, anything you put before that you will end up losing.

So what’s this all about? Putting the Lord first, following His instructions in His word, and being patient. As a result watch how creatively He meets and exceeds your needs. It’s a beautiful thing to watch! In Malachi 3:10, He says “bring your tithes into the storehouse and prove me, if I will not open the windows of Heaven.” As a church we are seeing God do awesome things! If he dries up the brook (your source of income) the Lord will lead you to another source of income. Another promise from His word is, “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread.”

Therefore, if you’re experiencing the opposite of what I am saying, examine your faithfulness to God. Start with your obedience to Him and your giving habits, how you spend, and save what He has provided for you. Furthermore, it’s a good time to make small changes and be ready for the next time an emergency happens. Go with God in His ways and He will go with you!

~ Pastor Turner

Word from Pastor: March 29, 2020

With all that’s going on it’s hard to believe that soon it will be Easter, when Jesus was raised from the dead! As a result, that powerful resurrection morning changed everything. The question is, are we ready for God to do something. In Isaiah 43:19 we read, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth.” If God says He is going to bless you, then ignore the circumstances and believe God who cannot lie.

You’re too important to God to be destroyed by a situation that was only meant to give you character and direction. In as much, it was only the grace of God that enabled you to survive and make it through. God proved that He could bring you out of the fire without ever the smell of smoke and out of the lions den, without so much as a bite mark. If you want to know what God can do for you, look at what He’s already done for you and start praising Him.

Additionally, listen to the words in Isaiah; “Behold I will do a new thing; NOW it shall spring forth.” After feeling like you’ve waited forever God will suddenly move. When the church was born we read, “suddenly there came a sound from Heaven of a rushing mighty wind ~ Acts 2:2.

Are you ready for God to move suddenly? Are you ready for doors to open? We are all ready for this virus and fear it brings with it to be suddenly destroyed! When it’s all said and done we will rise out of this crisis, stronger, closer to Jesus, and I believe a more prosperous people. God will move suddenly in our lives, Jesus said I am the Resurrection and the life! Let’s believe what He said.

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: March 2020

What to do when you are discouraged.

1 Kings 19:8 –  So he arose, and ate and drank; and he went in the strength of that food forty days and forty nights as far as Horeb, the mountain of God.

Elijah had just experienced his greatest victory in one day, both fire and rain fell from heaven. Yet nothing changed. In fact, things go worse because Jezebel vowed to kill him and he had to flee for his life. Sitting under a juniper tree, discouraged and exhausted he said in 1 Kings 19:4 ” It is enough now, O Lord take away my life.”

Have you ever reached that point? Are you frustrated by your inability to change things at home, on the job, or in the circumstances around you? There is an answer. Elijah laid down and slept. As he did, an angel touched him and said “arise and eat because the journey is far to great for you.” We need strength that can only come from a touch from God. We get so busy working for God, that we have no time to spend with Him. Consequently this makes us weaker, and unfruitful.

To restore our souls the Lord brings us back to the basics. Jesus rose early each morning to spend His first hours with the Father. There He got His strength & instructions for the day.

~ Pastor Turner