Monthly Word: June 2022

Trust in the Lord

Ever notice how much energy it takes to keep a tight grip on something? You know what your holding on to don’t you? You’re in turmoil because you can’t control the people or circumstances in your life, release the grip; go ahead and surrender to God. Once you choose to surrender to God you will have much more energy & be amazed at how much easer life is.

Surrender What?

  1. Your position, place it all before God. Find your security, your identity, and contentment in Him.
  2. Your plans!
  3. Relationships!
  4. Your anxieties!

When emotions are wrapped around some issue; a possession, a job, an expectation or relationship, you are not fully relying on God. No you’re still clinging to lesser things. Stop – let it go! You’re delaying the surprise God has waiting for you.

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: May 2022


Having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ ~ Rom. 5:1

Faith is rationally impossible where there is nothing to believe. Faith must have an object. The object of Christian faith is Christ. Faith means more than agreeing to the claims of Christ. It involves the will, it is volitional. Also, faith demands action! If we actually believe, then we will live, according to James 2:26 “Faith without works is dead.” It means the acknowledgement of sin and a turning to Christ. We don’t know Him through the five senses, but we know God through the sixth sense that He has given everyone, which is the ability to believe.

Believing is as real as any experience, yet many are looking for something more. Perhaps some feeling that will bring them a physical thrill, while others look for some spectacular manifestation. The bible says that a man is “Justified by Faith” and not a feeling.

Another object of our faith is the word of God. Let’s believe what it says (the will) and act upon it allowing God to bring our faith the fruit of the bible (word).

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: April 2022


Romans 12:11 ~ not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord;

The Lord desires us to be on fire spiritually. Demonstrating excitement for the things of God! We can’t wait around, expecting God to “zap us” with this.

If someone was asked to rate your spiritual fervor and zeal on a scale of 1-10 ten being high, what would they say? How about your joy inside and outside the church? Are you excited about the Lord? Do you have a fresh testimony, or could you share recent insight you’ve received from the bible? The ultimate question is, are you excited about Jesus and your Christian life?

We have to be willing to let our passion or zeal, show through. Sometimes people seem almost ashamed of their enthusiasm, hiding it under a mask of sophistication and control. Let’s let our light shine through! Wherever we go, get excited about Jesus and His word. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it has the power of salvation to all who believe ~ Rom. 1:16

Let’s be movers, shakers, and doers for Jesus!

Monthly Word: March 2022

Finding our Place

Now you are the body of Christ, and member’s individually ~ 1 Cor. 12:27 NKS

When it comes to finding and fulfilling your role in God’s kingdom, notice three things;
1. Every believer has a ministry 2. Every ministry is important 3. We are all dependent on each other.

No single ministry can accomplish all we have been call to do. Like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is required to complete the picture. You’ll always notice the missing piece first. When one part of the body malfunctions, the other parts don’t do as well. We need each other, and we’ve been called to work together. What God made you to be, determines what He intends you to do. Your ministry is determined by your make up. When your gifts don’t match the role you play, you feel out of place. Not only does this produce poor results, it also is a waste of your talents, time, and energy. So find your place then, & make up your mind to excel in it!

~ Pastor Turner


Monthly Word: Feb, 2022

Finding Your Calling

Eph. 2:10 ~ For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

When God calls us to do something, His call comes in several ways;

  1. You feel moved! There’s a moment of certainty when God puts His hand upon you, nudging you toward a certain need, usually an unmet one.
  2. It’s confirmed by other people! They will discern that God is at work in your life. People who know you well, watch. They volunteer comments like; You are at your best when you are… You shine when you’re doing that, etc.
  3. You’re gifted to do it! With a call comes giftedness to do what the calling asks of us. In your calling you soar in spite of the obstacles.
  4. You’ll see Results! God through you will change things touch lives, glorify God.

    All of us are called to do something for God. Find your calling and fulfill it!
    ~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: Jan, 2022

The Lord longs to be gracious to you ~ Is. 30:18

On December 31st the clock strikes midnight ushering in another year.Three hundred and sixty five days to fan the flames of your unfulfilled hopes and dreams. A new beginning! A gift full of promise. However, you must accept the gift, unwrap it and use it. Unfortunately, not everyone does.

“The Lord longs to be gracious to you.” Seek God, determine your goals, and write them down. Then release the outcome to Him, the one who longs to be gracious to you. To be gracious means to show favor. The desire of God’s heart is that you walk in His grace and favor everyday this year!

~ Happy New Year!

Monthly Word: Dec 2021

Finding Balance in Christmas Celebration

How de we make Christmas joyously special without it either paganizing it or becoming too commercial? I have grown more and more concerned with the question over the years. I am more deeply convinced the denial of Christmas fun is not required by us who share the deepest faith of Christmas!

Our challenge is to find and show the way to a holy and happy celebration of the season. I’ve carried into my Pastoral leadership the conviction that such traditions can be applied without allowing world mindedness to clutter our celebrating. A Spirit led congregation embraces Christmas; rather than embarking on a crusade against it that will do more harm by traumatizing kids & trampling on traditions. This reactionary posturing is worse than “scrooging.”  It does not allow a chance at accomplishing anything lasting, other than breeding bitterness and turning people off toward the church. However, a church family can convert many of our cultural traditions to serve the interest of evangelism and spiritual training.

Therefore, my Christmas prayer for all of us is;

~ The wisdom of God, that we might discern the times and seasons we are living in

~ For the Spirit of celebration (the Holy Spirit) to help us; prophesy like Zacharias, to give like the Wise Men, to shout like Angels, and sing like Mary!

~ That the truth of Christmas becomes liberating and filled with warmth of the love of our “Father’s” family. The church would be overflowing with the joy of Jesus, spreading a Holy contagion over everything we do.

Monthly Word: Nov. 2021

Thankful for Spirit Filled Living ~ Acts 4:31

The Holy Spirit can fill your cup until it overflows, or becomes like a river running through you. It’s a matter of capacity, availability, and spiritual hunger.

Here are 3 life changing things that the Holy Spirit does for us.

  1. He gives us direction when we feel lost; “for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”
  2. When others put us down, He reminds us who we are. “The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, we are the sons of God.” Rom. 8:16
  3. He steps in when we don’t know how to pray about a situation – the Holy spirit prays for us, in harmony with God’s own will.

So what should our attitude be toward the Holy Spirit? In Ephesians 4:30 it says “do not grieve the Holy Spirit,” therefore this Thanksgiving season lets be thankful for the Spirit of the living God!

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: Oct, 2021

The Winds of Change

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20 

We are into October and the weather is beginning to cool off, the leaves are changing color, and eventually they fall to the ground. We know winter is coming with all it’s beauty, but it always brings harshness! Spiritually speaking there’s a change that has already started. The winter of Covid-19 has passed with it’s harshness last year, but the spring came non the less!

I’m expecting a renewed presence of the Lord’s Spirit, as God people open to the opportunities that will be presented to them. I’m seeing His people starting to have an appetite for His word, His presence, and His mission. Please open up your heart and mind to His promptings. The book of revelation says He stands at our door and knocks . If we open that door, He fellowships with us and reveals new possibilities for our now & our future. In Rev. 21:5 the Lord says “behold I make all things new.” Expect change in your life, be open to what the Lord is doing.

~ Pastor Turner

Monthly Word: June, 2021

Wow! It’s hard to believe but we are well into June already. The weather has been hot, it’s been a drastic change. However, June is a month of transitions; school is out, seniors have graduated, and there seems to be a new freedom as people again gather in numbers. It’s an exciting time to be alive, as good times seem to be happening!

But remember the scripture, “beware that in your plenty you do not forget the Lord” Duet. 8:11 NLT – a spider dropped a single strand down from the rafter of an old barn and began to weave his web. Months went by and the web grew. It’s elaborate maze caught flies and other small insects, providing the spider with a rich diet. Then one day the spider noticed a single strand, stretching into the rafters; “I wonder why it’s there, it doesn’t catch me any dinner?” Concluding it was unnecessary, he climbed as high as he could and severed it. In a moment, the entire web began to fall upon itself, tumbling to the floor taking the spider with it.

Could we as people or as a nation make the same mistake… Can a country spin a great web, then sever it? Moreover, can we grow so successful, strong, smug, so self sufficient that we forget the strong strand that supports us? Could we look at our prosperity and respond not with gratitude, but with arrogance?
A movement to remove God from all public life has gained momentum. An embolden portion of our population stares at a strand of faith in God, upon which our country hangs and asks: why is this there? Are we forgetting the hand that holds us? We are not the first nation to suffer from amnesia, Israel did too, and Moses warned them; “beware that in your plenty you do not forget the Lord your God!”

Let’s praise and glorify Him in all we do and say. Always remembering to be grateful for God is what holds this nation together; and our lives are totally dependent on Him!

~ Pastor Turner