Weekly Word: Oct. 21 2019

Weekly Word: Oct. 21 2019

We’ll Get Through This!

In all these things we are more than conquerors ~ Romans 8:37

Have you heard the story of the old farmer who’s mule fell into a well? Since there was no way to get him out the farmer decided to bury him there. But the mule had a different idea. Initially when the shovels of dirt began landing on him the mule became hysterical. Then this thought came; just shake it off and step on it. So that’s what the mule begin to do. Hours after the dirt kept falling on him, he kept at it, shaking it off and stepping on it. No matter how much dirt they threw on him, the mule determined not to stay under it. Finally, he stepped out of the well triumphantly.

Life will either bless you or bury you; the difference lies in have the right attitude. When they throw the dirt on you, and they will, just shake it off and step on it. Use it as fertilizer and grow stronger. What’s important is not what other people say about you, it’s what you’re saying about yourself.

In Luke 17:1 after they get done talking Jesus says offence will come, so expect it. People will take without giving back. They’ll criticize you for simply rising above your beginnings. When you decide to seize the moment and move ahead, you’ll leave others behind.

~ Pastor Turner