Weekly Word: August 26, 2019

Weekly Word: August 26, 2019

Discovering our True Calling

For God’s Gifts can never be withdrawn ~ Rom. 11:29

Some people live and die without discovering their gifts. Most spend a lifetime trying to change theirs. Today we need to get into God’s presence and ask Him to show us clearly our gifts & strengths to build upon. Even if we have never done anything with them, or if we’ve failed time and time again. God’s gifts are still present within us. His call can never be withdrawn.

If we choose not to use the talents God has given us, we’ll probably spend our lifetime helping someone else reach their goals. Consequently, most of us let others control our destiny. Don’t do it! Don’t allow anyone to take over the driver’s seat in your life. Fulfill your own dreams and determine your own life’s course.

Remember, there are people watching for their lives to be affected by what God has placed in you. Therefore, take time today and get alone with the Father. Ask Him to reveal to you the gifts that He has placed within you.

~ Pastor Turner