Weekly Word: August 12, 2019

As the disciples stood round him, he rose up, and came into the city ~Acts 14:20

They stoned Paul and left him for dead, and the other disciples stood around, waiting to see if he would get back up. Unfortunately, if you’re waiting for others to come and lift you up, it probably won’t happen. The first move is up to you! Once you make it, then God will send others to help you. Consequently, until you accept responsibility for yourself, you can’t get anywhere with God. Furthermore, until you accept correction without resentment, your life will remain on hold.

Get Up! Your problems aren’t unique, you’re not the first person to fail. You would be amazed at how many of us are fighting the same battle and show some of the same scars. Your problem is not that you fell, it’s that you haven’t gotten back up! Be like the person who said, “I’m never down, I’m always getting back up.”

~ Pastor Turner