Monthly Word: May, 2021

Read Isaiah 6:1-9 ~

Isaiah had a vision of the Lord, and it transformed his life! This threefold vision does not precede revival, it follows it – When we come in contact with God, our lives are never the same. When we come into God’s presence, or experience His presence, we will experience revival.

Isaiah’s vision was threefold:
1 – He looked up seeing God
2 – He looked in, seeing himself
3 – He looked out, seeing others

Sometimes we ask the question why do I need the Lord or why should I come to church? Because when we come together to worship Him we know the bible says He is there in a different way than when we are alone!

Think about this, the best way to show a stick is crooked is to lay a straight one next to it. In the same way, when we stand before God we will see our unworthiness and short comings. As a result, when we see this in ourselves, God can bring His cleansing into our lives. Then God will speak, commissioning us to do His work!

~ Pastor Turner