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Weekly Word: March 19, 2018

Mark 26:50 – and Jesus said unto Him, “Friend.” God’s purpose in our lives is tied to relationships and not always enjoyable ones. But God can turn your rejection into direction. As you look back, you realize it was persecution that taught you perseverance, and rejection that taught you forgiveness. These are character producing times […]

Weekly Word: March 12, 2018

How many of us would spend our last night with someone if we knew they were going to betray us the next day? Jesus did. He was faithful when they were not. There’s no greater opportunity for us to grow in Christian love than when you are rejected and abused. Jesus asked the Father to […]

Weekly Word: March 5, 2018

Just What We Need To Hear Isaiah 50:4 ~ A word in season to Him that is weary When I am speaking publicly or privately, I ask God for just the right word at the right time for those who may be struggling trying to get through another day. Isaiah said, “The Lord God has given Me […]

Weekly Word: February 26, 2018

Repentance Acts 2:38  …then Peter said to them, repent. Freud said, “guilt was the cause of most depression and neurosis,” he was right. However, he was wrong when he attacked the guilt instead of the cause of the guilt – sin! If we remove the guilt before sin is removed, it’s like relieving a headache […]