Weekly Word: Feb. 5th

~ Exhort One Another Daily Hebrews 3:13

Often when we can’t handle the pressure of today, we escape into remembering the good old days or we dream of tomorrow when things will be better. However, until we learn to live now, you miss what God has for you. The Christian life is lived one day at a time. Listen to Hebrews “Exhort one another daily/” Someone you know is going through a rough time, and the word you have is just what they need. It was a kitchen maid who led Naam, captain of Syria’s army to the Lord, & to his healing.

In Acts 2:46 it says, “and they continuing daily, breaking bread from house to house.” Beware of isolation! When your by yourself, you may be in the worst possible company. God wants to use other’s to bless you, strengthen you, and be a support system in you life.

Pastor Turner