Weekly Word: August 27, 2018

Stay Focused

The way to kill a person with a great dream is to give him another one! The devil’s strategy is to get you spread out so thin you become mediocre in everything and excellent in nothing. The apostle Paul strategy for life can be summed up in one line, I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing (Phil. 3:13 TLB.) Most things in life fail for one reason, broken focus. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t get distracted by lesser things no matter how hard or long they call you. Isaiah said in chapter 50:7, “Therefore I set my face like a flint and I know I shall not be put to shame.

Start learning to say no to lesser things so that you can say yes to the things that matter most. The things God has called us to do.

~ Pastor Turner