Weekly Word: May 6, 2019

Matthew 24:35

Dear Friends,

We are living in interesting times, the political climate seems toxic, and it doesn’t seem like it will get any better in the near future.

On the positive side, God raises up leaders as He wills, and brings down others.  He is in control.

The moral climate in our culture seems to be upside down.  Where wrong is right and right is wrong.  It is easy to get caught up in this confusion.  Even in the church, the culture is creeping in where long held Biblical truths were adhered to.  They are now mocked and looked at in irrelevance causing great confusion among the people of God.

But thanks God we have a standard measuring stick, a compass to guide us.

Matthew 24:35 states Heaven and Earth shall pass away but the Word will never pass away.

We can trust the Bible to guide us through this garbage.  The Truth will set us free!  Free to say yes to what is true and no to the cultures lies.

The Bible rightly understood guides with boundaries and life giving information to live a fulfilling life.

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