Weekly Word: Nov 25, 2019

Weekly Word: Oct 7, 2019

James 1:23 ~ Let’s act on what we hear

Charles Spurgeon said that for every ten men who would die for the bible, he could only find one who would read it. I doubt much has changed! You’ll find ten people who’ll fight for prayer in public schools, to every one that prays for their children at home. Sadly, for every ten men & women who complain about sex and violence on tv, and find only one who refuses to watch it. This must change! Power to be salt and light in this world doesn’t depend on what we applaud, but what we apply.

Unfortunately, you can go to church enjoy great preaching and a service, yet leave and do nothing about it. God help us get our doctrine off the shelf and into daily practice, that people will be drawn to Jesus. It’s time to start acting on what we hear.

~ Pastor Turner

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