Weekly Word: Nov 25, 2019

A Pastor was building a great church recently in a large metropolitan area. He said “I am no building this for myself, I am building for three generations. For this is where God has placed His Blessing.”

Our influence should outlast our lives and touch our children, and our children’s children. Whatever we are building, it’s not just for us, it for them. If this is the standard by which our life is measured, how are we doing today?

Abraham prayed for everything he received, Isaac inherited it, and Jacob schemed and took shortcuts to it. But when trouble hit Isaac’s life, he remembered and turned to his Father’s God & so did Jacob – Gen. 32:24-26. Cover your children and your grandchildren with prayer today, and everyday. Sow the word of God into their hearts. Don’t just talk about it, show them! By the time our children reach the age of 12, they will have asked a lot of questions. Therefore, we have the opportunity to tell them what God has to say.

In other words, when you go, make sure to leave the lights on!

~ Pastor Turner