Weekly Word: June 4, 2018

Week of May 22,

John 10:10 “Christ has come to give us life and life more abundantly” and also says a bit about finances. How do we keep out of debt? The bible says we should live within our means. Which simply put is we should live in a way where we spend less than what we make.  Secondly, we are to save for the future; meaning we need to put money away every week to the best of our ability planning for what comes later. Someday you will need that money in order to live.

Next, we are to pay our bills on time. Many times us as believers can be the worst culprits by forgetting to pay on time. Have you ever laid the bills down somewhere, maybe on the car seat and it slipped down between the seats? As a result, forgetting all about it until after the fact. “Christians” are to be good stewards not only for our own sake but as a witness to others around us including non-believers. In this way, showing faithfulness and setting ourselves apart from the world by paying on time for what we owe. As a result demonstrating we care about the consequences it could have on a workplace whether a it’s a big or small company.

Finally, the word of God says to bring the first portion of our income to the Lord. Remember the words of Malachi, bringing your tithe into the storehouse (church) that the Lord’s blessing will pour out on you from Heaven so much that you can not contain it – Malachi 3:10

Be blessed this week in Jesus name

~ Pastor Turner