Vibrant Youth Beach Day

Weekly Word: March 13, Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit Acts 2 ~

G. Campbell Morgan – writes about the accusation leveled at the Holy Spirit filled disciples on the day of Pentecost; the one of many in the crowd, that the disciples were drunk. –

First of all, carefully consider Peter’s answer to the accusation. “They are not drunk in the way that you think.” Then, compare this with Paul’s injunction in Eph. 5:18 “Don’t be drunk with wine… but be filled with the Spirit.” While one is a false and destructive method of attempting to realize life’s fullness. Yet the other is a true and effective method.

Has anyone ever charged you with being drunk with Christianity? We lack the flashing eye, and the pulsating song, and tremendous enthusiasm of an overwhelming conviction. Ultimately this is what our cities need to create the opportunity for prophetic proclamation. Furthermore, the church’s responsibility is that her members be so Spirit filled that the Holy Spirit may be able to produce the new phenomena required to startle this age. What is the use preaching if the world isn’t amazed by it!

The Holy Spirit in Us ~

God’s preparing amazing people, and those type of people are hard to ignore. As a result, the world can’t help but check out someone whose life is completely different, exhilarating with the fullness only the Spirit of God can give. We can’t live this amazing life without an amazing partner… Therefore Jesus promised his disciples a partner, an advocate who would be with them forever. Because the fullness of their life depended on how full they were with the Holy Spirit.

Of course we want to live such amazing lives that people will wonder what happened! Just one visit with Father God to fill or refill us again with the Holy Spirit & you’ll be amazed.

~ Pastor Turner