Weekly Word: February 25, 2019

John 13:20 He that receiveth whom ever I send receives me.

When God gets ready to bless you, He usually sends a person to do it. It may take the form of correction, stretching your faith, or deepening your devotions to the Lord. If you want to take big steps, follow in the footsteps of big people who take big steps. Who inspires you, who do you read? Timothy was an apostle by the time he reached seventeen, by spending much of his life under the influence of Paul. Elisha was influenced by Elijah, and did twice as many miracles as his teacher had done before him.

Solomon said in Ecc. 4:9-10, two are better than one for if they fall, the one will lift up his brother; but woe to him who falls when they are alone, for there’s no one  to help him up. Jesus sent his disciples in pairs of two. Allow the one who inspires you to mentor you. Be that inspiring person to somebody else. After all, our destiny depends upon it.

~ Pastor Turner

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