Weekly Word: Dec 2, 2019

Weekly Word: Dec 2, 2019

For the one who has everything

~ Matt. 2:11 They presented Him with gold, Frankincense, and myrrh.

It’s Christmas time and we celebrate Jesus Birthday. But what can we give to the one who has everything? The wise men probably asked the same question. As scholars they were astute enough to navigate thousands of miles guided by a star. Also, they were influential enough to warrant an audience with King Herod, and rich enough to undertake the long journey carrying expensive gifts. Furthermore, besides the gold, incense, & myrhh, they gave Jesus some gifts that were priceless. Here’s what they gave;

  1. Their Time – long before His birth they invested year’s into research and preparation.
  2. Their Worship – once they found Him, the fell down and worshipped Him (Matt. 2:11)
  3.  Their Hope – while those around saw only darkness these men recognized the light that shines into darkness.

Therefore, in the midst of your family celebrations, take time to be with Jesus; after all it’s His birthday!\

~ Pastor Turner