Monthly Word: January, 2021

Our Year of Grace and Favor

The Lord Longs to be Gracious to You ~ Is. 30:18

On December 31st, the clock strikes midnight ushering in another new year. Most are glad to see 2020 in their rear view mirror. Furthermore, there is excitement to see what 2021 holds for us. I am expecting this to be the year of the favor of the Lord for His people.

A new beginning, a gift full of promise. However, we must accept it, unwrap it, and use it. Unfortunately not everyone does that. Maybe you dread what the new year holds; retirement, empty nest, unemployment, and so on. Well the Lord takes people at the end of their rope and sets them on the road to peace, joy, and victory. He’ s an expert at drying tears, calming fears, injecting courage into anxious hearts, as well as removing the sting of old memories. God makes all things new – Rev. 21:5 says. He never leads you back, just forward.

“The Lord longs to be gracious to you.” To be gracious means to show favor. The desire of God’s heart is that you walk in His grace and favor everyday of the year. Let’s believe together that 2020 (what the enemy meant for evil) God will turn it around and make something beautiful out of it. Looking forward to 2021

~ Pastor Turner