Weekly Word: September 3, 2018

Luke 18:1 Men ought to always pray and not to faint

The devil will do anything to keep you from praying. We are too tired, too busy, too depressed and on it goes. There’s a reason he distracts us… because in prayer I get real. When I’m alone with God the pretense is gone, He knows our hearts. Prayer keeps us honest. In prayer, God speaks to us. No, it’s not an audible voice, but it’s unmistakable His voice speaking to the deepest part of my consciousness. Sometimes it’s just a word. Isaiah says paraphrased in chapter 50:4, morning by morning He gives me a word. Therefore, if God talked to men all through the bible, shouldn’t we expect Him to speak today?

In prayer He teaches us to be thankful. With thanksgiving let your requests be made known, Phil. 4:6. Today take time alone with God in prayer. You’ll be glad you did!

~ Pastor Turner