Weekly Word: March 4, 2019

Be an Overcomer!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks weather wise with temperatures rising into the 90’s. So far, most of us we simply adjust our thermostats to keep us comfortable and change the climate.

Spiritually speaking, God wants us to be thermostats setting the temperature. On the other hand, thermometers reflect the climate around us. Most people are like thermometers reflecting the culture around us. Buying what they say to buy, saying the things we’ve heard the culture say and so on. Consequently, we value what our culture values. Of course there are slight variations, but most of the time we don’t GET the climate of our world. Instead, we live in it, adjust to it, but we don’t overcome it.

Overcomers are thermostats that change the environment where they’re at, like Daniel and Joseph. They are pace or temperature setters. They influence others, rather than allowing others to influence them.

Don’t be so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking – Romans 12:2

~ Pastor Turner

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