Weekly Word: October 29, 2018

Taking Stock

~ Psalms 90:12
Many businesses are taking inventory this time of year. We are getting year end reports from the stock markets & auto company’s. The fiscal year for many businesses closed on Dec. 31st and began a new on January 1st.

I think it would be good today to take an inventory of who are lives have been for the past year. Along with the inventory, make plans for the new year. We need to take stock of:
* where we have been
* where we are going
* where would we like to be spiritually this time next year

What have I learned from the mistakes of the past, what am I doing to avoid them in the future. Where do I hope to be next year, and how am I going to get there? Begin to ask yourself these questions at the start of this new year. Set your goals and then answer the how, by coming up with a plan of steps to get there. Nothing comes by simply just wanting it, we have to be proactive and start taking action to see results. Be encouraged things can change, and we can start over when we fall short ~ His mercies are new every single morning to start again!