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Weekly Word: Dec. 11th

~ Peace From Luke 2:13-14 “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of Heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” In a world that seems to be filled with more violence and chaos than peace, allow God to be your peace! […]

Weekly Word: Dec. 4th

The Star Leads to Love The second Sunday of Advent signifies love and reminds us that Jesus was sent to us because of God’s great love for us! Over the next few weeks of December, follow the star with us as it leads us on a journey to love. Let the reality that God’s love […]

Weekly Word: Nov. 27th

~ Advent More than two thousand years ago, a star burst through the darkness and signaled the long awaited but still unexpected birth of a savior. Today another star shines, piercing the darkness of our lives with hope, love, joy, and peace. His name is Jesus and His light shines drawing us into a journey […]

Worship: Nov. 26th

For a more Accurate Rendition Join us Sundays at 10:00am November 26th How Great is Our God Never Let Go What A Beautiful Name Breathe Exalt The Lord  

Weekly Word: Nov. 20th

Jesus Understands ~ Hebrews 4:15 Jesus has been tempted in all things as we are. Sometimes we face situations that nobody else could possibly understand. We think to ourselves, I’m all alone & no one cares how I feel. However, Jesus does! When we pour out our hearts to Him, and present our feelings. He […]

Weekly Word: Nov. 13th

Teachable Matthew 18: 2 Except you become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven. Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He said become as little children? He meant you must be teachable. If you are teachable, you are reachable. If you’re hungry for God’s word you have a future. […]

Worship: Nov. 12th

For a more Accurate Rendition Join us Sundays at 10:00am November 12th How Marvelous Praises Good Good Father Great Are You Lord  

Weekly Word: Nov. 6th

Psalms 91:2 The Lord is our refuge & fortress, He’s our protection and our help in a crisis. But at the same time we need to do our part to keep our church and our members safe. We are updating our strategies for safety during our services and will do everything possible to be ready […]