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Here at Marysville Assembly we want to make it easy for you to become a part of our church family. We are a place for you to worship, connect, & grow with us. Our areas of ministry are for all ages from infants, children, youth, adults, and seniors. Come experience the presence of God with us!

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Hebrews 3:13 The bible tells us to exhort each other daily! Which means we should be encouraging the people we come in contact with every day. To continue in the faith, to have faith in God, and to not give up. 

Often we can't handle the pressures of today, we escape into remembering the good old days, or dream of tomorrow when things will be better. However, until we learn to live in the now, we miss what God has for us. The Christian life is lived one day at a time Listen, "Exhort one another daily." 

Someone you know is going through a rough time, and you may have just what they need. Beware of isolation, God wants to use others to bless you, to strengthen you, and be a support system in your life & for you to do the same for someone else. 

Acts 2:46, and they continued daily...breaking bread from house to house. So encourage one another daily and be that person to somebody, and let others be that support to you. With these things working in your life on a daily basis, you will have joy and fulfillment that only God can give!

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